July 1, 2021

MISSING ** Alicia Navarro

MISSING ** Alicia Navarro

14 year old Alicia Navarro went missing on September 15th 2019, from Glendale, Az.

14 year old Alicia Navarro went missing on September 15th 2019, from Glendale, Az.

If you have ANY information on her whereabouts, if you know who she was communicating with online you are URGED to call 911.




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1 year after Glendale girl's disappearance, mother begs for help finding her daughter

Alicia Navarro was 14 when she left her home near 45th Avenue and Rose Lane in Glendale on Sept. 15, 2019. She left a note saying she was leaving but would return. But a year later, her mother, Jessica Nuñez, has heard no communication from her daughter, who is still missing. a-navarros-case-discussed-mom-glendale-police/5803548002/

Glendale police looking for missing 14-year-old girl

Glendale police are looking for a missing 14-year-old autistic girl. Alicia Navarro left her home near 45th Avenue and Rose Lane on Sunday morning, according to police. Navarro left a 2019/09/17/glendale-police-looking-missing-14-year-old-girl/2


Glendale Police, family held news conference one year after Alicia Navarro disappeared

It's been exactly one year since a Valley teen disappeared without a trace from her Glendale home and her family and police are hoping someone may know what happened. Alicia Navarro was last seen during the early-morning hours of September 15, 2019, near the aree of 43rd Avenue and -after-alicia-navarro-disappeared

Alicia Navarro: Glendale teen still missing one year later

GLENDALE, AZ - It's been one year since Alicia Navarro went missing. The Glendale girl was just a few days away from her 15th birthday when she left her home and never returned. licia-navarro-glendale-teen-still-missing-one-year-later

"De-prioritized": A Pandemic, Police Pushback and One Mother's Tireless Crusade to Find Her Mi

Today marks almost 11 months since Jessica's daughter Alicia went missing from her home in the middle of th one-year milestone of Alicia's disappearance draws closer, Jessica has been told by local law enforcement that case has been "de-prioritized." her-missing-daughter

In the Steps of a Predator, In a Time of Pandemic

Alicia Navarro went missing more than 10 months ago, just five days before her 15th birthday. Finding her will involve getting not only into Alicia's mind, but also the mind of whoever took or

Where is Alicia Navarro? Autistic teenager missing from Arizona since 2019 may have been lured

At 14, Alicia Christina Navarro was a shy, quiet girl who enjoyed playing online games and reading. She achiev Catholic School but struggled with developmental delays and had been diagnosed with high-functioning autis

Alicia Christian Navarro

Alicia was last seen in Glendale, Arizona on September 15, 2019. At 1:00 a.m. she came downstairs for a glass of water and asked her mother why she was still awake. Her mother didn't

Missing Angel: Alicia Navarro

Alicia's mom contacted me regarding her daughter. I have been bombarded with cases these last few months. I have some that I've needed to work for over a year. But I couldn't tell Jessica no. gel-alicia-navarro.html